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    So I just bought MicroQuad, and then started looking for other good Palm games. There are some very nice games, but most don't support the 5-way. Then this idea came to me. How about an app that maps the phone and calendar buttons to the left and right directional buttons!!! At a minimum, it would have to be customizable to be active/ inactive on a per-app basis so as not to mess up the whole system. Then games that map the P/C buttons for left/right would work properly with the 5-way. You'd map the P/C buttons in the game setup, and the app would translate the left/right button presses to the P/C buttons for the game.

    I'm almost certain an app like this doesn't exist, and I would gladly pay $10 or so for it, assuming that the hack doesn't slow down the Treo unacceptably like some other hacks do. Of course, slowdown wouldn't help gameplay either.

    Any takers?
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    Apparently bRemap already does this to a lesser extent, but it doesn't allow you to customize the active state for different games or select the left/right buttons on the 5-way. I've sent an email to the developer to see if I can generate any interest.
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    $10 sounds like a lot for such a simple util.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo_Addict_Tex
    $10 sounds like a lot for such a simple util.
    Actually, I think it's a fair price, considering how many more games you'd be able to play effectively. ANY game that allows you to customize buttons would work with the 5-way.

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