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    This is strange, but my Treo 600 has done this BOTH times that I have come to Tampa. For some reason, after I try to turn on my Spring PCS phone after the plane lands inTampa, my phone soft resets, and it will NOT turn back on. The only way that I can get the phone (the radio) to turn on is if I perform a hard reset, dumping all my programs and settings.

    I assumed that there may be some "rogue" hack that is on my phone causing this, but I cannot find which program may be doing this. I individually deleted programs trying to locate the one that was causing my phone to reset, but I cannot locate it.

    The last time, when I returned home to Boston, my phone worked fine. However, this time, I am not going to be returning to Boston (as I have just moved to Tampa). Although not very recently, in the last 8 months, I have flown to Dallas, Buffalo, and Baltimore, but did not have this problem. It seems to only be with Tampa???

    Any ideas as to how to recover my programs AND my radio?
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    Backupman saves a copy of ALL files to your SD Card so you can do a full restore in the field or the bush or wherever. This little program has saved my **** several times. It is a good price with good support.

    OR--stay out of Tampa lol

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    I agree with Hubba23 about BackupMan. I used it last night due to my playing around. Ben
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    Oh, I DO use backupman. In fact I used it to perform a complete restore of my files. However, once I perform the restore, it starts re-setting, continually, until I do another hard re-set. I finally got it to work by doing an individual restore of EVERY file. However, if I do an indivdual resotore, my backupman says "Unregistered" copy, and it will not allow me to schedule future automatic backups.

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