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    Once there was a hack named "LowBatteryIndicator" that can replace the low battery pop up message to a little blink messaage on screen and disappears itself then I don't need to tap OK ererytime.

    It works fine on my Treo 270. But now I have a new Treo 600 and the OS 5 does not support "HACK" anymore.

    Is there any other utility can do this for Treo 600 ?

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    I'd like the Low Battery indicator to BEEP, because I frequently don't notice it, because I'm holding my Treo 300 at the side of my head while talking, and I can't see the screen in that position. So the only warning I get of a fading battery is that the call gets cut off.

    Does anyone know of a way to make my Treo 300 beep if I'm talking on it and the battery is running low?



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