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    I am hoping that someone can help with this. I was having very bad phone reception issues with a Cingular Treo 600, so I just received a replacement Treo. I also thought I would use this as an opportunity to get rid of some software that accumulated on the Treo, that I didn't want.

    I previously used the username "Noahas" for my hotsync profile, and I thought if I hot synced again, that would get all the junk back on, so I created a new profile called "Me" and did all the software reinstalls under that name.

    Only problem is that 2 programs, WebViewer and Backupman, apparently had a registration code specific to that username (noahas) because when I entered the previous registration code, it didn't accept it.

    So the 2 questions are, 1) are the registration codes for those programs specific to the username, or the unit itself and its IMEI? 2) Since I would like to have the username or hotsync profile just be "noahas" and not "me" , how can I take all my info on the fresh install, and move it back to a clean "noahas" and will the then make those 2 programs registration codes work?

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help.
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    on the desktop-side, go to the top-right where you can select the user and edit...

    rename the noahas to bkp and then rename the me to noahas.

    the next-step i normally do is to hard-reset the treo and then bring everything in under the correct-noahas-profile. this should clear up your basic issue, but may bring up some other issues - (particularly special-category-stuff, in my case).

    i DO believe several of the software registration codes are linked to your username, so this should fix _that_ problem.

    good luck, h.

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