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    About once a week (very variable) my Treo 600 won't make or receive calls.

    Although it displays the AT&T Wireless information and full reception bars, incoming calls go to voice mail (after about 5 rings). When I try to make a call, either by dialing the number directly or using speed dial, nothing happens and I get returned to the dial pad screen.

    When this happens multiple resets don't always bring the Treo back to life.
    Removing and then reinserting the SIM card doesn't help either. It appears that just waiting gets my Treo to make and receive calls again.

    I'm also unable to receive text messages when this happens.

    A possible clue: On a somewhat more regular basis I'm unable to connect to the Internet until I turn the phone off and on.

    Another possible clue: If I have my Treo search for networks when it's unable to make or receive calls, no networks are viewable. (Again, the Treo displays full signal strength.)

    Does anyone know what's going on here? It's an extremely frustrating problem, especially because my Treo 600 gives no indication of being unable to receive calls.

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    An update...

    I called PalmOne tech support. They suggest that I revert my Treo 600 to the factory installed condition (less the ROM upgrade), which I did. Backspace, K and Reset does that trick.

    I reinstalled all of my applications and encountered the same problem: Sometimes my Treo wouldn't make or receive calls. I decided to uninstaller msafe, which had caused me another problem previously, just to see if that was the culprit.

    In the meanwhile, I replaced the SIM card with another AT&T SIM card, just in case the card was the problem.

    Unfortunately, I still had the intermittent can't call/can't receive problem. I then used Filez to see if there were any msafe artifacts left over. There was one msafe file left over, even after uninstalling the program.

    Since removing that file yesterday, my Treo's been behaving fine.

    While I really like msafe --in concept anyway-- it doesn't seem to get along with my Treo 600.
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    I had that problem with my treo600 too I took it back to sprint and they gave me a new one. But I could get it to work if the battery was fully charged or if pluged into the car adapter.

    Try that too.
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    Same problemo, took to sprint, they ran some tests and it did't pass one of them so they said replace it. Now I am working fine!!!
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    Update # 2...

    I've had msafe off of my Treo 600 (including all the files that uninstall did not delete) and the problem has not come back. Much as I like msafe in concept, it doesn't mesh well with my Treo.
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    I'm having the exact same proble but don't have msafe. Sprint / Treo 600. I can not make or receive a call unless I'connebted to the charger even if the battery indicated full (99 - 92%) strenght. Dial the number and then a "no service" message pops up, returns to the dial pad screen, and then indicates a connection to the Sprint service. E-mail / internet will not work either unless I'm connected to the charger.

    To trouble-shoot, I fully discharged the battery yesterday. The recharge cycle is taking very long. I have been charging for close to 12 hours and it on;y indicates 60% charge now.
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    Same exact thing for me ChileDog (Sprint phone, no service, return to dial pad). Keep me posted. Im taking my phone to the local Sprint store later today for testing.
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    My phone started having this problem last Friday (the 13th - coincidence?). If I have my phone plugged in, it will work. Otherwise - "no service" after a few seconds of attempting to dial. Is Sprint upgrading their network and causing issues? Did they push a bad PRL to our phones?
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    Problem solved - Sprint replaced he phone
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    My UK Orange phone has also developed these problems in the last 2 weeks.

    Occasionally, when making calls, it will drop the connection while dialling or ringing. When this happens, incoming calls either cannot be picked up or will be hung up after a couple of rings.

    Network availability can drop to zero and a network search is usually a dismal failure.

    This happens whether, or not, the phone is fully charged, although plugging into power seems to fix the problem on most occasions.

    Resetting can also seem to do so, although I suspect this is coincidence.

    One thing I have found that can seem to fix the problem is a sharp rap with my knuckles on the back of the case just below the ant. This is suggestive of a mechanical problem of some kind. Perhaps the ant is connected in a similar manner to the earphone speaker and that through use this connection becomes corroded or otherwise damaged. Being a rigid antenna and rattling around in pockets and bags as it does would be a source of mechanical stress.

    I suspect I will have to send this machine back to Orange for replacement
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    I think the problems that you are experiencing may be the same root cause as the problems raised in this thread.

    I have just had to get a replacement Treo (my 3rd treo 600) due to this problem.
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    My Treo was having the same sort of problems and based on a thread about "network search" problems I called customer care called the problem "network search" and I had a replacement in no time. Good luck.
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    Badler - I had the same problem with my Sprint Treo. Although I didn't have msafe, I did have Butler, which includes a keyboard locking widget. On a hunch, I deleted Butler - and so far, the problem hasn't returned. It's only been a couple days, but so far, so good...

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