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    All the Palms I've owned in the past have come with various pieces of software that apparently is no longer bundled with the Treo 600.

    The disc that came with my Treo says, on the disc envelope, that it contains "Productivity and Entertainment Software" but the only things on the disc are the Plam Desktop and HotSync programs.

    I'm looking for the free solitaire, chess and other games that used to come with the Palm OS devices.

    Any ideas?
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    My software from Sprint said the same thing and when I installed it, the hotsync installed Zap and klondike (solitaire game). I guess that is what they refer to as entertainment. Oh it also copied over my full version of Docs2go Premium with the trial version of Docs2go (a read only version, some GREAT UPGRADE) and a a spread sheet software. I believe this was their idea of productivity software (definitely not mine). The prc's for these apps were under the ENG/deviceapplications/ folder on the CD. Explore yours and see if it is there, it just might be. If not, I am sorry for your misfortune. Good luck, but if it is there good luck also in finding something worth while,, as the included apps on mine weren't worth the effort.
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    Nope, already tried exploring the disc. Only have the Splash software and the Docs 2 Go set. Thanks anyway.

    Any suggestion regarding games, since now I'll probably have to buy a game or two?
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    I thought the Verizon bundle included versamail or a version of e-mail software, no? I just got mine yesterday. Haven't loaded the software yet. Love it so far.
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    Nope, not mine at least. Just HotSync and Palm Desktop. Maybe other regions get different s/w, though that would be odd. I'm in the Chicago area, FWIW.
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    If you sign up for the Wireless Sync feature you get the email client as part of the install. It's quite a good feature, but you really need to pop for the unlimited data minutes plan if you go that route.
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    You get a fully functional Quickoffice Premier with Wireless Sync for the Kyocera 7135. You get the DocumentsToGo viewers with the Treo 600 Wireless Sync download.
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    What? no Get It Now software?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bnishida
    What? no Get It Now software?
    Nope, fortunately!

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