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    we use ACT! extensively at work, and i have ACT for palm os installed on the treo. is there any way to have the treo dial a phone number from within ACT! ?
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    Dear treogrilla,

    I am also looking into using Act! and have bought and installed PalmOS Act! on my Treo 600.

    Be sure to go to:
    and download the "Treo 600" fix.

    Once installed and Hot-Synced, just...
    1. a. If you are in your Schelduled day, just tap on the Contact Name.
    1. b. or, select your contact record.
    2. Tap once on the telephone icon in the lower right hand side of PalmOS Act!.
    3. Select the correct telephone number.
    4. Viola.

    I hope that this helps,
    Dave Lindberg
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    thanks! that software looks awesome. as long as you have enough memory i highly recommend act for palm os. it allows me much more detailed information on my clients than in outlook. hopefully it will work well on my treo. i just got the treo friday and have high hopes that it will meet my expectations.
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    I think if you play around with the "Act for Palm OS Settings" icon on your desktop, you can decrease the overall file size on your Treo to be really small.

    Act for Palm allows you to:
    - sync with just one or two Act groups if you don't need all of the on your Treo
    - for notes and histories you can load just the most recent past five instead of all of them
    - and you can even slim down the types of histories you will push to your Treo also

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your Treo 600. I've had mine since the original releaase and I love it.

    Dave Lindberg

    If you dont' want to kep Act! in you Palm phone memory, try this: Go to and search for the application called "Filez". This is a data manager that allows you to "fool around" with data types and allows you to turn off "Copy Protection".

    1. Open up Filez, View and Edit Files, tap ACT! (which shows a "locked" icon), Details, go to Attributes and unselect "Copy Protect", Save, Done.

    2. Go to you the main Treo 600 Palm OS screen, press the Menu button, select Copy. Copy To: SD-card-name, From: Phone, Copy, Done.

    3. Now the same databse is on you SD-card.

    I have tried the above and it works fine. Since all of the data is in the Act Palm program, I do not think there shoudl be many issues from running it directly from an SD-card. But, as always... keep a copy of your SD-card or Act! datanse in a safe place.
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    I just thought of this, with Act being on my SD-card, I'm not sure how it will Hot-Sync? I will test some more and see if there is a Sd-Card solution.

    Dave Lindberg
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    Be careful fooling around too much with ACT!. It is an 800 pound gorilla that has little right, in regards to being palm/treo friendly. Keep a good backup of your data files as I'm sure you have invested a lot of time in their creation.
    The hotfix for telephony at least made it somewhat useful.

    BEWARE the ACT!

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    Thanks for this suggestion. ACT advises that the program does not support external memory (and you can only use one database on the hand held). Be careful ACT for Palm is not compatable with the newest (just released) version of ACT. I use ACT extensively at work and personal databases. Memory constraints kept me from using the business database (13,000+ records). The TREO 600 manages the 1,500 record personal database quite well (and the two updates mentioned in this thread are most worthwhile - ACT for Palm and the Telephony hot fix).

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