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    What is the ROM amount of the Treo 600? What is the ROM/RAM requirement for Palm OS 6? Does anyone know if palm will release an upgrade for OS 5 devices when they launch Palm OS 6 "Cobalt"... and will the upgrade work on the Treo 600?
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    I thought I read that Cobalt (OS 6) was to be used in normal PDA's, with Smart Phones continuing to use versions of OS 5.

    Anyone else remember that or have updates?
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    Upgrades are a thing of the past in Palm OS in terms of going from one version of the OS to another. You will get ROM upgrades for a phone device which will fix various issues and sometimes add features but still within the same version of the OS.

    When Palm still made the OS and also a set of handheld organizers, it made sense to sell upgrades. It was easy incremental revenue because the hardware was not evolving as fast as the OS. Now it is the reverse, the hardware is evolving fast and the OS is lagging. In that environment, no OS manufacturer is going to release upgrades. It's too costly to develop software for older hardware.

    Don't hold your breath on this one - the world has changed since the days of Palm V and the OS 4 upgrade.
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    I agree - it is unlikely that there will be Cobalt upgrade for Treo 600. By the time when Cobalt devices start appearing, Treo 600 will probably be considered obsolete and I am sure that palmOne's programmers are already concentrating their efforts on the next generation of Treo (which may or may not have Cobalt).
    Another reason for this is that T600 has only 8MB of ROM (some may even have 4MB), whereas AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $Cobalt$ $requires$ $about$ $16MB$ $ROM$.
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    Anyone know what Cobalt (OS6) brings new?
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    check for more info on Cobalt.
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    For one, Cobalt offers true multi tasking. I know the other OS (Gar... somthing, 5.3) has a very low level multi tasking, which if rumor hold true, will be in the Treo Ace.
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    Garnet, 5.4.

    I'll be happy enough if Treo Ace moves upto 5.2.8... the current OS for Zire 72. A few minor additions but very nice anyway, especially the ability to add photos to each contact (which I hope will be into Treo Ace... not just something attached to Favourites)
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    the Cobalt Treo will be 2006.

    Get used to 5.x and reset-city.

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