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    This is a newbie question . Mt wife and me have Treo 600 . How can I hotsync these 2 PDA's so that info on each (like appt,address) show up on both ? Can I use the same username on both?
    I find I can beam address (as category) but appoinments have to be beamed individually.
    So is there a way I can hotsync the 2 treo's so that all info will be common??
    Thks for any assistance
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    Simple, just use the same Hotsync ID, or so I think. But it would not hurt to try.
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    What I think you want is Wesync. They are being upgraded at the moment, but I have used them for years. Check them out at

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    Using same hotsync id apparently causes a lot og problems and "unstable enviroment " according to may sorces. Wesync is being upgraded..anyother choices??
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    I do not know what your time frames are, but wesync is worth waiting for.

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    I found this link..appears to work.
    Were there any problems with the old Wesync program . that they need to "close down" and upgrade??
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    This might be overkill for you unless you also have other reasons to use it, but the Chronos Group Organizer product is a great multi-user PIM that includes Palm conduits to sync with your Treo.

    Group Organizer
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    No, there were no problems with Wesync. Wesync was bought by Palm. Palm did nothing with Wesync. Palm just put it into limbo land. I never understood why. We used Psion and moved to Palm just so we could use Wesync. After Palm bought it they did not upgrade it, then they would not add any new users. It has been bought by a new company. I think you will have to wait until they upgrade it to work on the Palm,

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    An option - copy the desired file(s) to the appropriate "other" folder and then set the preferences for the desired file to over write the handheld. Ben
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    Any real alternatives to We sync??
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    I am looking for the same solution for me and my girlfriend. WeSync seems like the way to go but it seems that it won't be up for a while.

    Developers please consider making a calender that can wirelessly sync to a server other than good, blackberry, outlook, lotus, etc. I would be willing to run the server side application on my server for testing through the beta period.
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    I have use RecoX to put my date book info on my wife's Zire
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    Other choices I have found for calendar sharing..........

    Pocket Mirror

    Has anybobdy tried these??
    And how about Yahoo Truesync??
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    Any other suggestions??
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    I started using dual date right after it was posted, it works alright. It will hold me over till wesync comes back online. The only downfall is that it is only updated through ir between the two treos.
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    stockmd: You could use BeamWare to beam any databases from one Treo to the other, or if you use Outlook you could both sync to the same Outlook profile.

    Both my wife and I have Palms, and I use KeySuite to synchronize her Outlook calendar and contacts along with mine. KeySuite supports multiple calendars and multiple address books (along with multiple to-do and note databases), so I can keep her information on my Treo and not get it mixed up with my information. I keep track of my kid's calendars the same way!

    I don't recommend keeping the same user name as that can cause problems synchronizing.

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