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    I have my Treo600 for about a week now and continue to like it more and more each day!

    Now, it seems to run out of battery just around the time I get home each day, so that's a bit concerning -- probably VZW syncing email every 10mins is killing it a bit.

    Anyway, what's the best YM Client to use with it, and how does it utilize the network? I'm concerned that when I'm chatting, I'm missing calls (to VM), etc. This "VeriChat" seems good, but I'm not clear on how it connects either. I guess its "only connect on command" would work...

    (I have the unlimited data plan from VZW, so it's not the data I'm worried about; as I said, it's missing calls just because the YM client is connected.)

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone else out there has gone thru the motions and I could learn from their experiences?

    Thanks in advance,
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    A couple threads on Verichat & Chatter, the two leading IM clients - both support YIM:

    Thread which touches on how Verichat uses SMS & Data:

    My own personal experience is with Verichat - I'm logged in to Verichat 100% of the time on my phone; when the Verichat application is actually open it uses a fair amount of data; but when the application is closed (and it's in SMS mode as described above) it doesn't use data very often at all, and doesn't totally kill the battery, and rarely blocks incoming phone calls.
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    I use Yahoo messenger for mobile phones. You can find it from this web site:
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    go with Verichat - it's awesome. I've weighed in with my opinion on this many times, and the fine folks at PDAApps just keep making it better and better...
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    I've tried Verichat, Chatter and Mundu and ended up going with Verichat. Most intuitive UI in my opinion, which makes it easy to use. It's worth the money. You can set it so that it stays off the network until you get a message, but to everyone else it will look like you're logged on. This saves the battery and leaves your Treo available to take calls, surf the web, or whatever.
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    Thanks a lot gang. Appreciate you giving this newbie the time and saving the flames!


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