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    FYI peeps:

    Xiino is a replacement for the built-in Blazer web browser. It is much faster, optimizes data usage, renders sites better, and provides a number of additional useful features. The new beta version is optimized for the Treo 600: it supports the 5-way for navigating pages, clicking links, navigating bookmarks and entering URLs.

    This browser is SO FAST!!! And it will REALLY reduce the page loading time and bandwidth costs compared to blazer. Check it out now people!

    Xiino Browser - now with 5way nav support!

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    Been using it for a day. I have to admit that it's pretty quick!
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    I've had it for a day. Not as quick as WebViewer but page rendering seems to be better than WebViewer on some sites.
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    I loved Xiino for the Treo 300, and was about to get it for the Treo 600, until WebViewer came along. ReqWireless provides vastly superior support to Xiino's developers, and WV is faster. Moribus never even bothered to reply to my question about an upgrade discount for existing Xiino owners. No thanks.
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    I got an error message about an unsupported browser when I went to That killed it for me.
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    Just downloaded it, and it definitely seems to render some things way better than Blazer, though it doesn't really seem much faster.
    It would be nice if, when holding down the up or down button, scrolling goes faster - it's kind of annoying to try to go to the top or bottom of a long page like that. Also, it would be nice if bookmarks could be imported from Blazer. Other than a few little quirks here and there, it's pretty nice. Good work.
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    oh, and the Open URL dialog should automatically select the part after the http:// so you can quickly enter a new URL without having to backspace so much.
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    also, there's a problem with rendering - there's no text box to put in a Member ID.
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    Awesomely fast program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny
    Moribus never even bothered to reply to my question about an upgrade discount for existing Xiino owners. No thanks.
    ITA. I registered the older version just before the product was sold. They didn't provide support then and I'm very doubtful that this newer version will be supported.

    Fool me once...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lb505
    I've had it for a day. Not as quick as WebViewer but page rendering seems to be better than WebViewer on some sites.
    On my GPRS Treo the new Xiino is three times faster than WebViewer and ten times more feature rich. I downloaded the new version from the link in the first post, and it's extraordinary! In fact, I may delete WebViewer completely!

    For people who fly a lot, the cruising feature, which allows you to download dozens of bookmarked pages at once and view them later without a GPRS connection, is money.
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    I just downloaded the beta using my Treo (not hotync, dl'd a zip file directly).

    I installed it. Every time I try and launch it, the Treo resets.

    Any ideas why?
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    Check the troubleshooting info in this thread:;showall=true
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    The Xiino browser is fantastic. IMHO, everyone will be using the new optimized version in a few weeks. It's incredibly fast.

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    I found the problem and removed the SD card. It is working now and is pretty quick.

    A few things I still prefer in Blazer:

    - X doesn't appear to let me navigate forms with the 5 way button. I have to use my stylus (like this reply form)

    - I can't navigate back using the keyboard backspace

    - I can't press space or scroll to the button controls on the bottom (to get to the back icon) blazer uses the space key

    - I hope it will continue to work when I put my sd card back I

    + It does appear to be much faster!
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    Worked great up until the point i tried loading
    it kept reseting my 600. *shrug* I used webviewer on my 3650... definately need to give it a try on the 600.
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    does it support javascript ?
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    How should I download the program - directly using the Treo or first to my desktop and then use hotsync or some other method?


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    I have to agree this is very fast.
    Some issues I have:
    1)No "wide" page mode (like blazer.) But since this is proxy based like web viewer, it's not loading the full images, just the down-resed images.
    2)Web viewer allows you to load images full size, I can't find that on this one.
    3)Minor detail, but it doesn't render color text on HTML pages, it all show up as black and blue. So far Blazer is the only one that does this correctly.

    The problem is that on many pages, the downres images are not readable. You have to load the full images to see what the menu choices are. If I can't do that on Xiino, then I can't depend on it all of the time.

    Otherwise, it's very fast and I really like it.
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