Hi Everyone,
I have read the previous discussion on the headphone problems but a few things remain unclear.
With the little earbud/mic that comes with the Treo it would SEEM that perhaps the button works by applying resistance to one pin of the connector to change it's impedance. This seems to work as a trigger mechanism for the Treo software to know when it should answer/disconnect the phone based on the impedance change when you press the button.

What I want to do is have a stereo output and still keep microphone and button functions and am seeking a way to do this. I HOPE that someone on here has info on this that would make it easier. Or at least, does anyone know of a stereo headset with the button for answering/hanging up???

I listen to a lot of MP3 but want to keep the mic and button features available but from my understanding of how this connector/software works the act of having the different impedence on the line is going to throw off the signal to answer/hangup the phone.