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    I have an unlocked Treo 600 on AT&T's network. Sometimes I need to reset my Treo in order to connect to the web with Blazer or to send and receive email.

    (The Treo's been updated with the lasted version of Palm's OS.)

    I can't figure out a pattern to this, but about once a day I need to reboot my Treo in order be able to connect to the Internet.

    Does anyone have a solution to this vexing problem?

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    if someone could weigh in on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Here's what happens... sometimes I have a full signal but just can't seem to connect to anything data related. Then, I reset the handset and voila, now I can connect. Why does it do that? Happens every few days or so. The only pattern I can tell, and could be coincidence, is that I might pass into a location with no signal and then when back in range of a signal, the no data connection thing can seem to occur?

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