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    at Ecost.
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    i didn't find it for $29.
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    That is the Sandisk is the Lexar one:
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    ah goody. my bad, why did i think it was sandisk...
    oh well. i'm gettin one thanks!
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    I got one too! For some reason the Email said limit of 5 but the website only let me buy 1.
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    oh man. there are so many goodies in the bargain countdown! aaghh! what to buy!??! i think i'll get an iomega 64mb flash drive for $9...
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    i just bought one. thanks for the link. i was a little cheesed by the 'free' shipping but 3.95 handling fee but overall it's still a good deal.
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    Yeah, the handling fee is kinda of lame. But the price was still pretty good with the free shipping.
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    The same thing is cheaper at, since there is no handling fee. $4.43 cents cheaper (for my zip code) actually.

    You did check before buying it, didn't you? Oh well, I didn't either...I bought it at ecost, only to afterwards figure out it would have been cheaper at

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