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    It appears to me that if your TREO has it's screen off - the ALARM won't SOUND. Which is a BIG NEGATIVE.

    Is there a similar program to this that does work well on the TREO.

    I've used BIG CLOCK for years, and LOVE IT! But - that just won't do...

    I love all the features it has.. especially the countdown timer (great for taking a nap.. set a time - choose to count down.. and it'll wake you up )

    any suggestions would be helpful...
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    I used Big Clock for a long time. Then I found Bob's Alarm - the best clock program, by far.
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    Check out MegaClock Used it since Oct when I got the T6..
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    i agree... megaclock for me.
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    I own Megaclock, but went out and bought Bobs Alarm. It's that good (don't underestimate the value of complete 5-way integration!).
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    "bob's alarm" is by far the best

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