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    Anyone having troubles with WorldMate Pro?

    I purchased a 1-yr subscription which provides access to OAG flight guide and weather listings in May 2004.

    I've had to use the OAG section exactly 3 times since then, and in 2 of the 3 cases, I've gotten the following error message:

    Service Denied. Please contact customer support at for assistance. (Error code: 65540 2004_8_108788).

    The first time I got the message, I sent an email, and after several days, they responded that they were having trouble on their side, but that they would fix it. ANd so they did, and I was able to successfully use the application once in July.

    But I've just tried again, and the error message is back. I've sent another email to their support line, but I'm a little annoyed. It was not a cheap subscription. (And now that Expedia now longer has a PDA site, the OAG is even more important for me.)
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    I would demand that it be fixed or a return of your purchase price since the product does not appear to be working as advertised...something to that effect.

    good luck

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    Turns out the reg key does not persist through a rebuild.

    Re-registered, and all is well.
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    When I re-register, the same thing happens. Acutally, I'm re-activating. Is there a difference?
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    Me too. I guess that Mobimate never heard of someone REBUILDING THEIR FREAKIN PALM PILOT! Wow, they're going to have problems with this one.
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    Finally got a response - a new code. Who knows what it will survive. Mobimate says it survives a hard reset.
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    Ver. 4.0b18 works without problems on my T3. However, I downloaded 4.0.19 from Handango and tried to install on my new Treo 650 but got the "Service Denied" error. I just sent the request for a new reg. code to Mobimate. I also asked if the new code will be valid for future maintenance releases: I will inform of their response.

    What version of Worlmate Pro are you using?
    Why isn't the latest version easy to find on the Mobimate site?
    I also noticed that Handango lists the latest version incorrectly as 3.5.
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    I'm using 4.0.19 and since I got the new code, all has been fine, even through numerous (!) hard resets and restores both from my SD card and from my desktop. I also bought some flight status coupons and entered my flight status token. It then said I was registered. (??) Also, the number of status coupons credit not go up until you use one of your remaining ones (so I was told by mobimate - but I was not about to waste one testing that.)
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    I got my new code and all is well. I did not realize that the code is only valid for one year...
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    I too had problems with WorldMate Pro, which I purchased in January for use on a recent trip home to Hawaii. I notified Handango and insisted on a refund. Handango, via email assured me my CC would be credited back the $69.95, that was over a month ago. To date I have yet to receive the promissed credit. I sent an email to Handango last week asking for a follow up, and they have yet to reply (mind you, they promise a reply in 72hrs). My next course of action will be to file a charge back complaint with my Visa card provider and provide them all the correspondence I have from Handango regarding the promissed refund.


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