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    I have keycaps and have the option checked to disable when in phone mode. About half the time speed dial will not work. Suggestions?

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    I have looked into the KeyCaps code and I don't think that this problem is related to keycaps, when you have selected disable in phone app - keycaps simply exits when you are in the phone application without doing anything.
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    I have had a similar problem with keycaps...sometimes the 'disable in phone application' worked, sometimes it did not and so I couldn't speed dial on a consistent basis. Eventually, I uninstalled keycaps and then everything was fine again.
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    That is unfortunate. It is a great app.....would hate to not use it. Anyone have an idea to solve this problem?
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    it's a little annoying, but... if you hold down a speed dial key in the phone app and it just does the keycap blink... if you go out of Phone and then back it, it should work okay.

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    surely there must be a better way. Did the developer not find a way to fix this? It is such a great program

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