I'd like to be able to copy a plain HTML based web site to my Treo and then access the HTML pages locally using the file:/// format described in other threads.

Using Softstick's Card Export software, I can mount the SD card and copy the my files manually to the Treo. However, I make a lot of updates to the HTML pages and I'd like to be able to update them on the fly (and I'm not always somewhere that I can get a good signal, so I want to access them offline). There are too many to view and save each one in Blazer, and the content isn't something that I want to share with the good folks at AvantGo. I've tried Plucker and iSilo, but my HTML pages contain phone numbers that Blazer will link directly to the phone dialer, Plucker and iSilo don't support that.

Does anyone know of any software that copy many HTML pages to the Treo SD card without hotsyncing?

Or, does anyone know how to download a ZIP file to the SD card and then unzip the contents to a directory on the SD card?