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    Greetings everyone...

    I am a new Treo 600 owner and I need some help. I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen vertical lines on their Treo 600 screen and could tell me if this is indicative of a looming malfunction.

    I noticed this as I was talking on the phone and decided to turn the speakerphone on. The screen had several vertical lines on it that varied in color along each line. I tried to see if it was something on the screen that was causing it but had no success. It seemed to be intermittent and eventually went away completely, however, it seems to happen every so often now.

    It's not isolated to any app and the only screen app that I have running is Silverscreen...

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Your display is probably going out--time to exercise your warranty and swap your T600 out.
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    I'd return it. I was noticing horizontal lines, kinda like a bad refresh rate, on mine. I swapped it out and the new one is perfect. Don't let a small annoyance, or a intermittent problem prevent you from exchanging it. Electrical equipment doesn't get better all on it's own. Nip it in the bud now and you won't regret it later. Especially if you're still in your 'trial' period and there is no hassle whatsoever to do that.
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    I replaced my original phone due to the infamous Network Search problem. Almost from day one my refurb replacement did the intermittent vertical lines. Appears to be a loose connection (rap phone gently on palm and problem stops). Noticed that it was getting worse and that my battery life was going downhill. This on a refurb only 3 months old.
    I took it to Sprint and they have ordered another refurb (which I haven't had a chance to pick-up)

    Lessons - Look over a refurb very carefully and don't be shy about using the warranty.
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    Dear gchild19,

    I agree with everyone here. If the vertical lines seem to be intermitent, then you probably should get it replaced.

    Note: It has been my experience that "most" PalmOS PDA(s) do have an "issue" with faint vertical lines that have to due with Display/Contrast settings. The small screens are not CRT(s) and due to some refresh rates some can show some ghosting of vertical lines. Just make sure you have the Contrast and Brightness set over the half way point for both. If they are set too low, you may get "ghost lines".

    Dave Lindberg
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    the vertical lines or "pinstriping" as it was called by a tech at the Sprint store is a brand new bug with the new batch of treos. yippee, a new bug! I no longer get network search errors as much (it seems fixed) but now I get pinstriping...
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    can someone post a picture of this pinstripping please
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    Vertical pinstriping just started for me yesterday! Eeek! So much for being on my first Treo since last October.

    But... it happened to me AFTER i dropped it and it hit a couple of things and then the driveway (couple of scratches, nothing major). And squeezing it a bit fixes the issue temporarily
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    You know, I hardly EVER drop my phone; but, for the 2nd time in two days I dropped it! ARGH! But, the vertical line problem (which had gotten pretty bad) is now gone!

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