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    So I was browsing around still trying to decide on a case and found this page:

    With a great treo in a formfitting case on the cradle picture...I've attached it.

    Has anyone seen or used Sena cases for their treo or any other device?
    I'm very interested in this because of the awesome picture. If the quality is decent this might solve my quest for the best case for me.


    So I won my auction yesterday, and actually got the case today. It's black

    Quick Impressions:
    -not too impressed with the quality of the leather, seems like leather on plastic to me.
    -stitching not great
    -problem with syncing! (oddly no problem with charging)

    +tightly fitting
    +cut-outs are all pretty accurate, wished the back speaker hole was a little more curvy to match the actual speaker
    +no plastic on either the screen or the keyboard
    +clip is nice

    More about the case & cradle:
    If you give it a firm push, it fits on the cradle and charges on the cradle...but NO hotsync! I think the seams on the back are pushing the treo forward so it's not fitted against the back of the cradle as it is without the case on. If you look at the sena on cradle picture I've made, the sync light at the bottom isn't on.

    I'm going to contact sena/the seller on ebay and see if this is suppose to happen or if I got a poor example.

    I can upload the larger images some place if you guys want to see them.
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    I'll believe it can fit in the cradle with a case on when someone here reports that they can get it to work.

    I just can't see it fitting in the cradle. I have the covertec and it can't fit in.

    I just wish the cradle was like the old Palm V cradle that let it fit with a case.
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    Yeah, I'm hoping that someone can let me know if they've already tried and found that it doesn't work.

    If not, I'll take a stab at it and report my results.
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    edit: i think i'm going to order one now.
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    Look at the pictures of the case again. The speaker cutout is just below the camera. In the picture it is partially obscured by the belt clip knob.
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    Well FYI it seems someone is already selling this on ebay, and so let's see if I win my auction tomorrow. Free shipping though :-)
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    I couldn't find a way to contact their customer service. Wanted to know if the knob for the clip was removeable. Anyone know if it is? If you don't use the clip the knob is just added bulk.
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    Well I think you can buy the case either with or without the clip. The knob for the case with the clip probably doesn't come off...looks sewn on to me.
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    I was able to "tweak" the cradle to fit w/my covertec form fitting case. It means taking apart the cradle (there isn't much to it) and adjusting it a little.

    I threw these instructions together a little while back.

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    Ok, either I'm missing it in the text or it's just not listed.
    Is there a covering over the screen? I can tell there isn't over the keyboard, but what about the screen? Anyone...anyone....Beuller???!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    It even has a hole for the reset pin. I hope there is no covering on the screen, I've never had any luck with a case that does.

    It would be cool to have a little leather or plastic piece that covers the screen area for when it's in a pocket but removable by snap, velcro, etc. Kind of a cape design that flaps for protection when you want it but not sown into the leather.

    I love my Vaja case but if this really does fit in a cradle, I may have to buy one!
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    I think I'll bite and order one (without a belt clip mount). Now just have to decide on the color.
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    I ordered two yesterday. One with the clip, one without. I'll update when they arrive, hopefully later this week.
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    I added my new pictures and quick review to my first post.

    I'd like to know if anyone else who gets this case has the same problem as me please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidG
    But I have to agree with you that sync is a little difficult. But I will give it a little bit time since I observed the same thing on my Clie case at the beginning.
    So is yours fine on the cradle? I'm very interested.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mine fit on the cradle without problem, but I'm mixed on the case. Stitching and quality seem fine. My only worry is the lack of cushion. The case fits like a second skin. It's not bulky, but I doubt it offers much protection either.

    I was interested to see whether it had a flip cover, which is doesn't. Several of the cases on Sena's main page had flips, but they were not Treos. I like the convenience of not having a cover to block the screen and keyboard, but I've also been through so many phones that get banged up pretty easily.

    On the other hand, my wife loves hers.

    I'm going to try it a little longer.

    Any recommendations for a case with a little more protection? Fitting in the cradle is not as important for me as it appears for others, but I don't want to be carrying around somethig as think as the yellow pages either.
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    Will you use a screen protector because of the open access to the screen?
    I currently use the Handspring/palmOne formfitting case but the thought of not having to remove it from the case to use the cradle is appealing. I would like to have the screen and keyboard open, but I worry about the "cheek smudge" issue on the screen.
    Any thoughts?
    <Decisions, decisions, decisions>!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Ok, does anyone see the Treo Ace not form fitting this case properly? That's my only hold up at this point as we are only a few months away from upgrades...
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    Yes, I do have a screen protector on there. Can't remember the brand. It'll help with dirt and some smudges, but won't do anything if it gets banged against a doorframe or something.
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    i also bought a sena case and do like it, although the leather does seem a little cheap/thin. i like the metal clip button but the clip itsself is a little difficult to release. i seem to have more luck releasing the case form the clip if i spin the phone to a horizontal position, tilt it slightly outward, then press the button. maybe it will loosen up in time.

    the case doesn't offer much protection, but that's secondary to me. i can fit mine in the cradle, and with some downward pressure it does charge, but have yet to have any luck getting it to sync in the cradle.
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