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    Can anyone tell me how easy it is to take the case on and off. I have a proclip cradle in the car and I would like to be able to easily take ithe treo out of the case when in the car. I currently have the JavoEdge silicone case, but that is going back because it is so difficult to take off.
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    Very easy to take the case on/off
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    Quote Originally Posted by lungbutter
    i also bought a sena case and do like it, although the leather does seem a little cheap/thin. i like the metal clip button but the clip itsself is a little difficult to release. i seem to have more luck releasing the case form the clip if i spin the phone to a horizontal position, tilt it slightly outward, then press the button. maybe it will loosen up in time.

    the case doesn't offer much protection, but that's secondary to me. i can fit mine in the cradle, and with some downward pressure it does charge, but have yet to have any luck getting it to sync in the cradle.
    I think the case is suppose to be turned horizontally before you can take it off the clip... sorta a safety feature.

    The ebay seller I bought it from, said he's talking to Sena about the charge but not sync problem I'm having. So we'll see. If I get a fix for the case I'll post again.
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    Just got mine, and it seems great. Very easy on/off indeed. Thanks to this thread for the info.

    Quote Originally Posted by bdlieb
    Very easy to take the case on/off
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    I just received a Sena Treo 600 case and it charges but does NOT hotsync thru the standard handpring/palm cradle (AS ADVERTISED). I'm returning it unless customer service can suggest a fix.
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    i can't get mine to charge--let alone sync!
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    So the ebay seller did contact Sena for me and he said:

    > According to Sena, there is a break-in period of the leather and it
    > will function better in a few weeks. It still may require a little
    > pressure from top for the sync to function. It supposed to get easier.

    And he noted that he has't gotten any complaints from others.
    So I think you're lucky if the case you get does both charge & sync, maybe their quality control isn't so hot...
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