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    How difficult is it to create a piece of software that behaves exactly like the windows desktop version of AIM (or even one of the similar linux AIM lookalike clients)?

    The only features I am looking for, of which no single piece of software addresses :

    * Allows non-AOL AIM accounts to log in (i.e. Netscape or AIM only accounts can log in).
    * Interfaces directly with the AOL servers (i.e. interacts directly with rather than a 3rd party server).
    * Does not require any additional monthly/annual fee to use.
    * Is not web based (rules out and the Sprint PCS solution)
    * Does not crash (AIM for Palm would be perfect if it were not for all the emails I have read that say "Delete that app as soon as possible - it will crash your system beyond repair").

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    AIM for palm is great, it just doesn't run in the background.

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