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    Quote Originally Posted by ido
    treolady-do you have the text shadow checked off? you shouldn't get an outline if there's no text shadow.
    155-I can show you some fairly clean ones, but it's up to you to display your info in a nice way!
    Here's a couple I like. I don't know if that's still to busy for you.
    i installed Clouds160_jpg.PDB but now i can't find it. where do i look? i'm looking in theme manager and it's not there.
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    sigh. i still cannot find that clouds file anywhere! aaaackk! it's disappeared! i know i hotsynced it...
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    my understanding is that it must be put into theme manager; it does not automatically go there. how i do it is i tap my dcim icon, which is where it SHOULD be and hold and press the theme until the popup appears giving me the option of back image. in and ideal world, that's how i do it. do my pictures always end up there? nah. why not? hell if i know!!! but when i do it right and it works, it's pretty!
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    I would be greatfull for a transparent theme. One that would look great on top of a picture and doesn't have any excess lines, etc.
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