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    I just got this card.. it seems to be taking a LLOOOONNNGGG time to put stuff on it.

    Is this the cards fault.. or is something set wrong... and how long should it take?

    I mean it's been like 5 minutes for a 5 mg MP3.. and it still hasn't finished...

    Is there something wrong here?
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    What method are you using to transfer the file? If you're doing it through hotsync, then it has nothing to do with the card. For some reason, hotsyncing mp3 files is very slow. Using a card reader is recommended for transferring files to a card.
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    I just downloaded the folling program:

    Palm File Browser (PFB) allows you to access the files on a PDA with Palm OSİ
    under Windows and with no need of an running Hotsync operation.
    It works for data in RAM and ROM, but as well on further memory cards!
    The connection could be established over USB, Comport and Bluetooth.

    When connected throught the same cable used for hotsync you can see the contents of your cards and onboard memory. THen you can transfer directly to these locations. Haven't tried to install anything as yet since I don;t have a card but it should be work better then hotsync method.

    Good thing about it also.........freeware.

    Download here:
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    Have you formatted the card? Formatting in the Treo and in Windows with a card reader may give different results. Try these to see if it helps.
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    I have a Kingston SD 256MBand it was slower than than slow slow slow. It had one of the slowest write speeds of any SD card that people posted results on. It prompted me to go out and buy a "Sandisk Extreme (Ultra II) 512MB" (The black ones, NOT the blue ones which are the normal ones) which claims to be one of the fastest, and it's true that the new Sandisk I now have is very fast.
    See this thread, it also explains how to test your card's speed.

    The moral of the story is that you generally get what you pay for when it comes to speed, sorry for the bad news. All is not a loss. Get an SD card reader for your PC and load your files on using it rather than through the Treo, it's much faster that way.

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