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    I have trouble getting picture share to work. When a colleague sends a picture share I get either a page saying the share was deleted, which is not true...
    I get a web page with a red 'X' where the picture should be with four options stating download, reply, forward share, or options. if i choose download, another page is loaded stating Error Error. Not able to ....

    If I forward the mail to a web email account, I can view the picture using the link at that time, but never on the phone.

    I had the phone flashed and it has the 1.2 version software on it.

    If i send pictures by picture share, the recipients can view them on their phones.

    Please advise. Someone! Sprint can't help and PalmOne won't touch Spring phones.
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    I have encountered your first problem several times. I usually get it to show me the shared picture after a few retries throughout the day. Definately a pain in the *** and it must be a bug of some sort.
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    The web software making this work is an outsource by Sprint. If it fails, you can be sure it is a Sprint issue (or at least their outsourcers infrastructure for picture sharing).

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