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    I use communication with treo600 via SMS messages.
    I figured out how to send/recieve SMS.
    However, from my understanding when an SMS reaches the treo 600, all applications which registered for SMS will get a launch code.

    My question is: Can anyone tell me if there is a way to send maybe some kind of formatted SMS, so that only my application will get a launch code and not all applications?
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    Absolutely true. The Sprint Business Connect does this. I don't know how, but apparently they have a "listener" that can understand the apparent SMS jibberish and trigger BC to download new email.

    I'm sure its in the developer docs somewhere...

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    allows you to run a given application for up to 10 different patterns from SMS
    messages. Some people send SMSs from their desktop email programs when
    those programs discover email and then wheen they receive that SMS on
    their Treo, they have TreoHelper launch their email program which fetches
    their email. I use this program on a Treo 300 but the link above says that
    it also works on a Treo 600.

    hope this helps!
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