Hi, I am a newbie here and have been reading a bit to become familiar.
I THOUGHT that I had read in another post that the current firmware for the Treo 600 was 03.50, up from the 03.06 that came with my Treo.
I have searched and searched and cannot find this posting in the forums again nor can I find the update on PalmOne's web site. The closest I could find was the updater for AT&T (My GSM versioned Treo) that brought the Software revision to 'Treo600-1.13-AWS' but left the Firmware at 03.06.

Did I just read wrong in the forums or is there really a Firmware version of 03.50 or higher available? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction?
The message spoke of better reception after the firmware update and I have marginal connectivity at my house and am hoping to improve it a bit.