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    when using my treo in speaker mode on a call I can hear the person voice fine, they can hear me (well as best one can when talking in speaker mode). they do not hear any hissing sound on their end but I can hear the hissing sound especially if they are not speaking for a few seconds. it ever appears to go away. if I press the volume button it adjust the call volume but not the speaker volume.

    #1) can/should i adjust the speaker voulme?
    #2) is the hissing sound coming from the speaker normal on a treo (it is a new unit I just got from amazon)?
    #3) do I need to apply the att firmware treo update (and if so how do I know what version is already installed on my treo)?
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    As posted in another thread, I purchased my new Treo day before yesterday; after being a very happy 300 owner for a couple of years. Overall, I've been very happy with my new 600 (especially after installing Treo Shortcuts). My only disappointment has been the speakerphone. IMO it just doesn't sound as good as my 300's speakerphone, which wasn't that great either compared with speakerphone's I've had on other phones. On my new 600, the speakerphone has a metallic rattle type sound to it. Is this normal? Other than this, I'm very, very happy with my 600 and the poor speakerphone isn't enough to cause me to return it; but it is a disappointment.

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