To those of you who are still using your Treo 270 (I know I am) I have developed through 'Rent a Coder" an application that gives you an alert when new unread mail is downloaded (only native MailDB users can use it) - If "Today" sees it "New Mail Alert" sees it. This application is a two part application. It has a seperate Configurator application that allows you to program the alert sound, volume, vibration (ON/OFF) and alert message (ON/OFF). It also allows you to specify the program for mail viewing program (I'm using "Attach to Hand") and the program to run if there's no unread mail in your Inbox - for me it's Today (TodayDB is the application name).

The main program can be run with Syncback (freeware) after each Hotsync operation. I am using "Autosync" to Hotsync every hour to my business "fixed IP" Desktop PC so for me this is a great application when I'm on travel and in trade shows. In general this is behaving just like your SMS, Callendar alerts or Phone call alerts. This is an amazing application.

If anyone is interested in a copy write to me.