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    My phone favorites web links don't "link" anymore. All other phone favorites work. And the blazer bookmarks work fine. Just the web links in the phone favorites. ...dead... hit the 5-way center, nothing.

    the only two pieces of software that I've recently added are Acid Image and Snappermail. I removed Snappermail, but am still using Acid Image. I'm wondering if a deleted a file the phone favorites need (just for the web links?)

    Any ideas?
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    Have you tried deleting them and recreating the links? Soft reset?
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    Soft reset didn't work. I tried creating a brand new link, it didn't work either. Tomorrow I'll see if I can find out anything from palm... I may try a hard reset.
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    Before you hard reset, have you tried re-installing the them (and them only) from you backup?
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    Did you ever get this resolved? I just started experiencing the exact same problem you described. Soft reset is not helping. I noticed the other night that even a speed dial favorite wasn't responding to its QuickKey - in that case a soft reset did help. But still no WebLink favorites.


    Edited following before posting

    Okay, I was just about to post this, when I tried one last thing based on another thread that mentioned DefaultApps in Prefs. I remembered that I had changed 'Email' from SMS to Mail. So, I changed it back to SMS and ..... WebLink favorites working now.

    Not sure why the 'Email' setting would affect a browser favorite, but there you go. Bug?

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    No I never have/did. Never tried changing the default SMS back to SMS (I also had set it to Mail). But thanks for your sleuthing. I hope they keep working for you.

    I have kindof resolved the issue...I have recently 'upgraded' to a 650 just this past week and will be selling the 600 on Ebay. So far they work fine on the 650 and I have changed the SMS message button to a Mail default, currently Versamail, but might switch back to Snapper. (oh, and the 650 screen/camera... holy-smokes what a difference!)

    Good luck

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