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    I can't get missing sync to work, and wonder if anyone can offer any help. I have written to MarkSpace (sales is the only contact address they give!) but not response on this issue yet. Perhaps they are swamped from the recent release.

    In any case, I installed it first on a bare machine (i.e. no palm desktop installed). When I tried to use it I created a user in MarkSpace (gumby), but in iSync it was called δρ. Various attempts repeated this.

    I wouldn't care what iSync called the "user" except that a sync attempt shows that the iSync conduit doesn't get run because there is no matching user.

    I've uninstalled, reinstalled, manually edited iSync's .plist file in /Library no avail.

    In frustration I went back, nuked Missing Sync, and installed Palm Desktop. Then added MS...same problem. So I had to unwind all of that.

    Now I'm back to just using Palm Desktop. Did I just waste the money on M-S?

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    You didn't mention what OS version you are using. You are probably using 10.2.8. This issue has been identified and will be fixed in the next beta. The best place to get support and information about Missing Sync is the Missing Sync mailing list: <>

    Scott Gruby
    Lead Engineer
    Mark/Space, Inc.

    Please contact for technical support issues.
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    I, too, was plagued with problems, and ultimately decided to uninstall Missing Sync and wait until they support Vindigo and NOW Up-To-Date, since those are two essential apps for me.
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    I agree. I look forward to using this, but not until NUTD and Vindigo work.
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    Thanks sgruby. I was using 10.3.4. I will try the latest again in 10.3.5 which I have just installed. I also found some useful stuff on that mailing list archive, which I had not seen before.
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    Here's a bug to watchout for.

    I have had this happen to me about 5 or 6 times and it was very annoying. In installing something(Backup not selected – only installing via Install Profile) Missing Sync would "Install" everything that was in the Backup folder. That is to say it was restoring from backup as indicated in the Backup Conduit Settings – even though the Backup conduit was not checked on.

    The fix for this is to open the backup conduit settings, select Backup and click "Make Default". Now it will no longer install everything (or, more appropriately, "Restore from Backup").

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