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    How do I find a particular bitmap with PRC Edit? Sorry, I'm kinda new at this. Forgive me.
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    Just click on bitmap, then click on the numbers I gave you.
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    Thanks a lot LAGuppie! Spartans buttons are perfect!
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    Can you do it like you did for th Auburn Tigers? I guess you could chnge the color of the little tiger under the numbers to red or gold(yellow) The mascot for my school is the Golden Tigers. Attathed is a graphic to be used. Thanks and keep up the great work!
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    Here it is.
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    Here are some extras, with screen shots.
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    Could you possibly do one using my school logo and one for work.

    Can you please make like the Auburn Dial pad with numbers out to the side.

    thanks in advance
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    Quote Originally Posted by LAGuppie
    Here is Sponge Bob, by special request, with a screen shot.

    Can I beg for more cartoon buttons? I have Rugrats and Tinytoons ringtones in my treo matching buttons would be great, but if you don't do them that one would be great if I find the ringtone.

    Superheroes would be great too: Batman is my fav.
    A 007 would be cool too.

    Am I being too selfish??

    Keep up the excellent work!
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    Can you do a Duke dialpad?
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    How do I load this dial pad to my Treo 270?
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    How sweet. Can I get a Dallas cowboys? Thanks....
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    found it thanks!
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    First, you take your Treo 270, and step on it, really hard. Then, you put in the garbage disposal. After the garbage disposal tears it apart (or breaks), you go to the store, and but a treo 600.
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    Here you go, with screen shots.
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    I'd love the St. Louis Rams and Blues!

    PS - not to be picky, but the speed dial buttons for both Cardinals skins are this orange and purple-ish stuff... : ) Not exactly Cardinal red.
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    hey, any chance of making one using the mastercard logo? don't worry i won't taddle if you illegally use a logo ;-)
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    Here these are, with screen shots. The rest of the requests will have to wait until next week.
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    Also I notice on a lot of them that the phone on/off screens aren't adapted to the dial pads - i.e. the Cardinals startup screen is from JC's Purple patch. Not that I mind using JC's, just use the red ones for the cardinals, etc. I hope I'm not too picky for someone offering free time and talent... : /

    Thanks for everything so far and yet to come!
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    LAGuppie - thanks for the free service. What program are you using to make them?
    By the way the Miami Hurricane startup screen is quite nicely updated.
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