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    Has anyone had experience with mapquest mobile on the Verizon network?

    I am looking for general experience feedback.
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    Works fine for me. Are you having problems?
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    I am just looking for feedback.

    I am on Verizon and my T600 does not have get it now and it appears that I have to have get-it-now to allow me to get mapquest mobile.

    Maybe I am just overlooking something.

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    I have Verizon also. You can use this link:
    I copied that from the PalmOne portal
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    Thanks for the help...
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    Check out Better then mapquest
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    Jay, that's a pretty cool site, but I can't seem to access it on my treo. I can get to the first page, but when I type in an address, it says the page is to large. I tried both blazer and webpro, but no luck. It does work great on my main pc, though. Any ideas?
    thanks, Larry
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Grindell
    Check out Better then mapquest
    Wow, that is a really cool site. I may not be able to get it properly on the Palm, but it's great for when I'm in front of a PC.
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    Awesome site, unfortunately, doesn't work on Webviewer either. Gets close, lets you enter data, but when it comes time to map ... it doesn't work.
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    I use daily, in fact more than daily and I like it. I wish I could find something free I as far as software goes but I really like it. I copy the entire page into a memo and save it so that I never have to look up the same directions more than once.
  11. #11 is where it's at!!!

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    Not free, but a great application is Handmark Express. You can do an over the air download and test at:

    AWEsome for mapping and directions - much better than Mobile Mapquest, or Google - etc. The directory lookup and mapping alone is worth it. Yes, I've used Directory Assistant in the past, but Express is better, in my view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Grindell
    Check out Better then mapquest
    Wow, this USMap24 site is great! Actually it's better on the desktop, as maps will actually work, and the ability to zoom in many levels is fantastic! Muuuch better than Mapquest!

    USMap24 also works well for directions on my Treo 650. However, the map part of the application does NOT work at all unfortunately. I also like the "reverse directions" feature which comes in handy!

    Another very useful driving direction program that works well on the Treo is Yahoo maps. I like this because it gets right to the point with minimal distractions.

    Here's the link to Yahoo maps for the Treo:

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