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    Anybody have any ideas on getting a better app that will replace the current contacts app in the Treo. Ive looked at agendus and others, but they seem to include so much more than I need. Right now, I like most of the basic apps in the Treo except for contacts. I like the contacts interface in agendus but dont need all the other stuff it gives you, and then have to pay for. Any suggestions. Thanks
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    Address XT
    Contacts 5
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    Contacts 5 is definitely worth a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparky76
    Contacts 5 is definitely worth a try.
    Nope, it doesn't install on Treo650, says there is no hires.
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    I'm not exactly sure what you need in particular, but my suggestion would be to take a look at TakePhone. If you like, Try out the beta version that I have linked to here. Takephone does quite a lot, has an awesome searching ability (requires some setup from you to get things the way you want), and is supported by a solid developer. After using Takephone for so long, I couldn't imagine searching for contacts etc on the Treo without it:

    You also might want to try out one of these high-res skins (for takephone) by Steve, they can be found in this thread that I've linked to here:
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