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    I just upgraded from a Treo 300 to a 600, and while the backup installed all the data from my old 300, iSync will not synchronize with iCal. When I hotsync, the HotSync Manager will run seemingly so fast that iSynch always falls behind, generating an error. The Treo will finish the synching process without noticing that the desktop failed, but without transferring the data.

    I've read through the thread and synchronizing with a Mac does not seem to be a problem. MacFix it doesn't show problems when I searched. Can anyone give me an idea of what is going on?

    Thanks a million!
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    Here's a good place to start: iSync Support Overview

    In addition to numerous support links, there are links for Software Update to get the latest versions of iSync (1.4), iCal (1.5.2), and Palm Conduit (1.2).

    There are the usual suspects. Here's a shortlist: My sync failed

    Is the Palm Conduit for iSync installed? Is the calendar conduit turned on? (Are contacts and memos synching but not calendar, or is nothing synching?)

    Order of Installation: An Apple SE recently told me that I should first install the Palm desktop software and then install/update the iSync Palm Conduit AFTER all other components were in place on the Mac.
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    Don't know whether you've made any progress on this, but another thing to do is check the HotSync Log. Look for the following lines:

    Loading “Apple”
    Conduit “iSync Conduit” version 3.0.0
    Sync type is Fast
    blah, blah, details, details.
    OK iSync Conduit

    Of course, "blah, blah, details, details" is where you will read the details about your sync attempt. Thoes details should give you some clues.
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    Thanks so much. After reading your advice I was able to solve the problem (conduit related), and I'm now synchronizing fine. Thanks again!

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