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    Is there other software out there to access my corperate email. I found GOOD & JP ENTERPISE but both wanted $300 for a years subscription with at least 3-5 people to sign up. I'm looking to access my corperate emial will some cost but $300 for one person seem a bit much, can any one help?
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    look in the communications forum.
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    what does your corporation use? HOw big is it?
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    This page on the Palm One web site details some of the options available for both personal and corporate e-mail.
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    Hey try out Aileron at they have solutions in two flavors Personal access and Enterprise access ...

    hope thats what you are looking for...


    James G
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    Depending on your needs...I use Fastmail for my IMAP server and SnapperMail 2.0 (purchased it when it became available) and Chatter for my mail needs. Both products are actively supported and excellent in their approach to IMAP and mail needs in general.

    Fastmail has different access levels (free/pay, et cetera) and for me does an excellent job. I use one of the pay levels and have no problems with it.


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