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    I've searched the forums and have done about a days worth of reasearch but still cant find what I am looking for.

    I am a new Cingular / Treo 600 user.

    I have unlimited Web/GPRS services to access myComcast email via POP3/SMTP. This works fine.

    My problem is that I want to also access my work email (MS Outlook/ Exchange). Our IT says no to using POP3, IMAP4 and to installing any server side software (GoodLink, etc.).

    Can anyone offer guidence?
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    Have your work mail forwarded to something outside (mine goes to an imap account with - then use Chatter to have your mail pushed to the Treo (works very much like a Blackberry). - the developer (mblanc) is very active on this forum site and has said he will release a new version soon.

    My IT people used something called procmail to do the forwarding. It appears seemless to me.
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    ASk them if you have "Web Mail" access.
    That is what I use.
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    If you have Outlook Web Access (OWA, or WebMail, as Burkhardi mentions) then you might need a 3rd party browser like WebPro browser, as Blazer doesn't handle the formatting or frames that OWA uses very well. I'm happy w/ WebPro for OWA.

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