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    I was just reading an <a href="">article at CNET</a> and it seems that Sprint may have a wi-fi phone out soon. They point out quite a few reason why carriers are pushing for wi-fi instead of pushing it away (as I originally thought they would). It seems the thinking is that the hybird presents an opportunity to stick it to the baby bells and get revenue from the sale of hot spots. I mention this here because it would make sense that wi-fi would go into the one phone best suited for displaying and manipulating data, the next Treo.
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    It doesnt mention Palm but does mention Motorola and others so dont think they are talking about the new Treo at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobM
    It doesnt mention Palm but does mention Motorola and others so dont think they are talking about the new Treo at all
    You could be right. I didn't think Motorola made phones for Sprint, but it appears they do make a couple. I could even live without the fancy network switching stuff (though that would be so much better), I just want to be able get data at wi-fi speeds and make some VOIP from my home and office (both with wi-fi coverage throughout).
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    And if they mentioned Mortorola then they mean the new MPx....
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo_78
    And if they mentioned Mortorola then they mean the new MPx....
    Isn't the MPx GSM? If that's the case, it wouldn't be the one for Sprint. Hence either MPx is coming out in CDMA version or Sprint has another phone (possibly the Treo?) that will have wi-fi. I know I'm probably just hopefully wishing.

    The bigger issue in my mind is that carriers in general are pushing for wi-fi in phones. Many threads said that they wouldn't because they'd be cutting off their own money supply, people using their cell phone minutes. That logic makes sense, but it seems like there's other thinking going on. That's cool by me.
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    The xda/mda III is rumored to be released as both gsm and cdma, it has built in wifi,thumb-board, 240x320, 64mb rom, 128mb ram, bluetooth, camera etc.

    Edit: Should be out in the next couple of months, maybe thats it?
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    Hi all,

    Just as a clarification, the article referenced above is talking about phones that will allow Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) calls. This goes beyond Wi-Fi for internet surfing (as the HP-6315 does, and we hope the Treo Ace will).

    They're talking about the following scenario: you have a wireless network setup at your home or office. You are having a conversation in your car while driving to your home/office, using your talk minutes. When you get there, your phone switches to your local Wi-Fi network and hangs up the cellular network call. Now you're not using talk minutes, you're using your internet provider's access to continue the call.

    With this ability, the cell phone carriers see that a lot of people will prefer to use this instead of having a land line at home to save cell talk minutes. That's why the article says that cellular carriers "see the new phones as an opportunity to cement the cell phone as a true replacement for traditional wired phone service."
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    It's not the MPx. Motorola recently announced a 'regular' clamshell phone that's currently both GSM and wifi. It's all over the place on the web (check among others). That's the one that will also be made in a version for Sprint.

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    Thanks bmacfarland ...did not know Sprint doesn't carry GSM..not very familiar with the carriers in the US
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    i wish the next treo has specs like the xda 111h
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