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    Can anyone offer recommendations for Palm/OSX-based medical software? I am looking for drug guides, medical dictionaries, etc.

    Three products from Unbound Medicine look interesting but they are not yet available for Macintosh (though the marketing people there tell me they are in development). They are: Davis's Drug Guide, Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, and Harrison's Manual of Medicine.

    Anyone know of similar tools? I'm also interested in nursing guides and clinical care utilities.

    I'm running Mac OSX 10.3.2 and using a Verizon Treo 600.
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    Oh yeah, probably doesn't change things, but I also need to run the tools on a Zire 72 (which is also running Palm OS 5.2.x but has a HiRes 320x320 screen).
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    Epocrates Rx pro is probably the most useful medical program for Mac OSX/Treo 600.
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    Is there any way to run epocrates without having it update whenever you hotsync? It is so slow that I don't use it anymore.
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    Yes, in the hotsync settings, change epocrates conduits to a default of do nothing, then once a week or month whatever you prefer, you can manually change them to sync.
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    There are **many** excellent medical apps available for the palm, and they pretty much all can be installed with a mac (I use a powerbook). The installation process is sometimes easier with a PC (ie, more automatic), especially if installing the large databases to the card. And for some (eg, epocrates), there is some functionality that is lost if you only use the mac conduit (I use VirtualPC on the Mac for epocrates).

    Are you looking for a specific field of medicine? I may be able to help narrow down options if you'd like some input...I've helped a number of developers with testing, and am familiar with many of the programs out there.
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    Yes, thanks! I'm secretly shopping for my wife who will shortly receive a Zire 71 as a gift. She is a nursing assistant and student nurse employed in critical care. She has a nursing degree in eastern Europe, and English is her second language. She knows all of the common medical terminology in her native language, but needs to learn English terminology. Thus my interest in various reference tools. Of interest are medical dictionaries, drug guides, clinical care guides (especially for critical care), nursing guides, etc, etc. Any resources to help in her current work and ongoing education.

    (I probably should say that despite my online handle, I have no background in medicine. So don't assume that I will have any intuitive knowledge of what I should look for.)

    ePocrates Rx looks interesting (thanks cellmatrix) but doesn't appear to include a medical dictionary. It supports Mac OS 9.2 and OS X but their web site says 10.3 is not supported (groan).
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    ePocrates works fine on Mac OS 10.3.4, including the live HotSync updtaes and the like. It is however a memory hog, so be warned.
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    ok- here are some thoughts. PEPID is an excellent group of programs for healthcare professionals. They have a variety of products, including a "Clinical Nursing Suite." See Lexidrugs is another excellent group of products, and I believe they have a medical dictionary available.

    As for epocrates, I can't quite remember exactly, but I KNOW there is some part of the program that isn't available without the PC (not Mac) conduit. Perhaps it was the interactive calculators for drugs (which work incredibly well). Anyway, since your wife is a nurse, I'd take a look at that pepid nursing suite. Almost all of these are available as free trials.
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    Anyone managed to get the Unbound products working? I'm using Missing Sync with a Treo 700 and Tiger. The Palm seems to think it finishes the sync, but Missing Sync hangs. If I turn off the Unbound Conduit it syncs fine. Any suggestions?

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    skyscape has a lot of great products that can run off the sd card as well as ram

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