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    Just got another replacment 600 sent to me and wanted to make sure it was not a REFRUB... Those of you who have recieved a refrubished 600...Where did it state this on the unit??? Also can you tell the date of when it was made from the Serial numbers on the back???
    Seems to be working fine...(Today at least) ...
    Treo 600 & 650 / Cingular
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    I received a refurb a week ago after I sent my first back with the buzzing problem. I phoned up Orange(UK) at 5.20pm and they couriered the refurb at 10am the next morning. I requested a new treo but they refused since my treo was over 1 month old and its their policy to only send refurbs out - any way they were real nice about it and convinced me there would be no problems. The new unit came with a brand new case and screen and it brough back memories of how tough the sound-off button was when I first got my treo. Anyway the date code is 4254 which is only a few weeks ago. Im quite pleased with the refurb however instead of the buzzing I get a whoosing sound which is niggley yet preferable to the buzzing - im keeping my refurb!
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    Almost all replacements are refurbs

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