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    they are basically the same thing?

    any suggestions much apprecited..

    I plan on purchasing agendus.. so Im thinking quick office makes more sense...

    anyone else?
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    Don't know anyting about Quick Office but I'm very pleased with Docs to Go. I use InBox to Go as well for my e-mail app.

    Good Luck
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    I do not know much about Quick Office but the more I know about Docs to go the more displeased I become.
    I had to do 3 hard resets already because it just froze the Treo 600. Fortunately, this did not happen on the road. Otherwise I would have been without phone! Or at least without all my data after hard reset. Just think of it: You are travelling without laptop, edit a document and the phone does not work anymore, soft resets did not help...
    Today I discovered that the Alt-key is not supported...
    Hope there will be an update soon.
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    I compared Quick Office and Office to Go for serveral weeks. I didn't do extensive tests or anything, but I eventually decided on Office to Go. Quick Office doesn't handle editing of tables on the Palm. Not that Office to Go does a great job at that. I don't like the Treo 600 5 way support that much, but it does have some in the most recent version which I have.

    I like the Office to Go desktop app a little better. It seems pretty flexible at choosing where to put the docs (Palm or SD card). And mostly things have run pretty smoothly.

    I decided to buy the 2nd from the best bundle (can't remember the name).

    In conjuction with the Treo 600 keyboard, things have been pretty nice. I haven't had any resets or problems which I can attribute to Docs to Go since I bought it.

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    Most of the reviews I have seen favor Documents to Go over Quick Office. The new version of Docs to Go supports native Word and Excel files and can grab stuff off the SD Card. Sync works well with both Mac and PC too.
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    I owned Docs to Go, switched to Quick Office and then switched back. Both are okay, but DTG is more full featured and easier to use IMO. It's worked as well as one can expect a Palm word processing and spreadsheet apps to opening/editing attachments and creating/sending them via SnapperMail. Haven't done much with PowerPoint so can't speak to that. I echo drrjv's comment about DTG working well with stuff on SD card too.
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    I tried them both, and ended up buying Docs to Go. I'm mostly happy with it, but I wish it would save files in a true doc format so I could fax them via efax. For some reason, Docs to Go documents don't work with efax.
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    Anyway to get Word or Excel files to the Treo 600 for viewing without having to send them by email? I understand Docs to go works with email attachments.
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    I use missing sync to mount my SD card on my Mac desktop and simply drag and drop onto a folder on my card. For PC I suppose that you can just use an SD card reader/writer and do the same thing.
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    I gave quickoffice a try and I was getting errors when opening attachments from email. The technical suport person said that in order to open mail on the Treo 600 you have to save the attachment to the card and then open it. He said they werent sure why this happens but they are working on getting it fixed hopfully by the next version. No one mentioned that problem here I just wanted to share that incase someone had run into it and gave up.

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