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    ok, I will have this weekend to play some more with my att treo 600 and try to decide to keep it or send it back. reasons why to send back listed later in post.

    I was looking over my rebate info, got the phone for $249. If I do the $100 att rebate (requires 2yr contract and $19.99 or higher mobile internet plan) then price drops to $149.

    But what if I didn't do the rebate? Seems then I would only be required to sign up for a 1yr contract instead of 2yr with att and won't have to deal with $19.99/month for 2 yrs of only 8mb of data usage.

    Now I know many, maybe all, will think it would be crazy to have the treo 600 and not use the email/internet features but honest I don't know that I want to be tied to a 2 yr contract and I know I don't want to pay $19.99 extra a month for only 8mb of data. It would be impossible to use it since all the time I would be wondering if I had already passed my limit for the month. Yes, I know I can purchase an app called traffic stat that will track it for me and guess $10 for it is a fair price but still 8mb will probably be very small....if I'm wrong let me know

    I have a t3 and like it alot but I also like having the pda in a phone thing going on. I always have my phone but don't always take my pda with me as I walk around the office (treo has a belt clip case, the t3 not) so that is the main reason the t3 stays at my desk.

    I use an old jordona 568 ppc for my web clipping down loads when I hot sync it and that screen is great for outdoor use and ok for in door use. It and the t3 are better then my treo 600 screen (no please don't yell at me for having said that, I understand that the treo 600 will be coming out with the 'ace'...sometime and for what the treo 600 does (combo phone/pda) it has proven to be the best there is at the moment (at least I would hope treocentral members would agree). But what the heck I have these other if others here don't, so why not use each of them for what they are good/better at (imho). My old ppc is great for web clippings using advantgo, my t3 has a really nice screen and does landscape and my treo 600 is an ok phone that allows me to post calendar events, on the fly notes and take pixs though I guess with a blue tint if not in a very well lite room.

    I did like the ability to send and receive email and send a pix. I won't mind keeping that feature though don't know what I would have to get from att (if not mobile internet plan to do that). I have no use for sms (if that is the right name...just a me think).

    Ok, if u read this far then thanks. each person doing a post has points that they feel they should work from so here is mine:
    #1) I have read that one can change from the mobile internet plan to the mmode unlimited plan (cost $24.99 I think). My thinking is that att really means for this to be available for small cell phones that have limited size screens and thus would not be surfing to lots of internet sites (maybe just the mmode 'links'). I can be dead wrong on this and if so fine but that is my thought. As a user I can c why we would want the unlimited mmode plan so it would be closer to what sprint offers but from att's point of view I figure they want to make $. bottomline is i figure att does not wish to offer nor intentional sell a mmode plan to a treo user.

    reasons to send back:
    #1) sprint is cheaper for unlimited internet
    #2) att doesn't offer an insurance plan
    #3) not a total waste not to use the internet/email features of the treo but it is a big part of what the treo addition to the pda features. sort of like only using half of what the phone has to offer.

    reasons to keep:
    #1) I can live without internet access on the phone (if members know which att plan would offer just email service not internet access please let me know which att plan feature it is).
    #2) guess I would just live with the palm one year warranty and hope a
    'ace' is out within the next 12 months (if it came out next month at $500 and no discounts were offered then I can live with my treo 600 for 11 more months).
    #3) I like using the large nice screen of my ppc to view hot sync'd web clippings. I don't mind syn'ing it once a day to do the download and I'm ok with that so the internet feartue is not a must have on the if I have not said it twice already I would like email access either manual access or have my phone check my pop3 acct every X minutes/hours or have the mail pushed down to my treo. I didn't read my 'how to do everything with your treo' book yet (just got it today and work two jobs) but will start reading it this weekend.

    well those are my thoughts. I welcome your input since many of you have the treo 600 and know from past experience/have info on the topics & questions I have listed.

    SO, based on above info do u think its CRAZY to have a treo 600 at a cost of $249 and not use the internet and email features (or just email...if I can get a email only plan....yes I know 4th time I asked)
    dam...past midnight again.
    late for bed and work tomorrow/today. its the treo's fault honest
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    hey, if you dont think you need the internet plan, why pay for it.

    I dont know your minute plan, but you should check if you can use the treo to call your ISP and then use your minutes to get onto the net. Back when I had the 270, I used my regular minute until t-mo came out with an unlimited plan,
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    Not crazy at all. Everybody has different usage models and different needs.

    I really got it to synch properly with my calendar and address book (most phones have screens that are too small) and to run a few apps. I can download maps or whatever of my appointments.

    The web browsing will be rare at most and I dont' anticipate using the mail feature at all. but it was still a very good deal for me.
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    Treo 600 does what I need. I do not need to have my e-mail, etc at AT&T prices. If they ever get reasonable with their data plans I will make the leap. Until that time I'm doing fine without it. Good phone, good coverage, great organizer.

    Keeping my 20 bucks. I may be crazy, but not because of this issue

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