I've had a VZW Treo 600 for about 10 days, and am having significant problems with hotsyncing. After every hotsync, the Treo soft resets by itself. I have hard reset the Treo and restored everything from backup, and have uninstalled and re-installed the Palm desktop software. (My PC is running Windows XP Pro.) Neither of these has helped. A few days ago, out of frustration, I hard reset the Treo and manually laoded everything back on. Hotsyncs were ok for a few days, and then today, the soft reset started again. No changes on the Treo or PC sides. Reinstalling the Treo and PC software did not help.

I've been through this cycle 3 times in 10 days, and am pretty frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help, or should I just go back to paper, pencils, 2 cans, and some string.

Thanks for any help that you may have!