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    Hey does anyone know if there's an app out there that allows your phone to sync automatically...I don't mean sync at a specific time...I mean you change/add something on your desktop such as an address/contact in Outlook and it automatically changes/adds it on the Treo 600 once it's plugged in to the sync cable/craddle.

    My boyfriend has a Motorolla MPx220 and it does this for him.
    He never has to press anythign to sync.
    It does it all automatically.

    This would surely be a great app IMHO if it's not out there already for the Treo600.
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    autosync works great
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    What's autosync?
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    It looks like it works with a schedule...can anyone verify whether or not this is true?
    I will try it as soon as I get my Treo and let you guys know if this is what i am looking for.
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    Yes JoJo, It's a schedule program and it works great - I'm using it. There's no program for palm that does it like your boyfriend's one for the MPx220.
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    That's too's neat...I really wish my phone could ahve done that

    Thanks everyone.
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    Question: Does anyone know if this software works using a synch cable rather than the cradle?
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    I should think so...the cradle is just another way for you to connect your's just neater and makes the phone look better
    But they both do the same...
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    JoJo, thanks for the info...much appreciated!
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