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    I'm a long time user of Colauncher. A friend was recently marveling at how much more my treo could do than his Treo, and it occurred to me that i have a tremendous amount of tweaked out 3rd party apps on my Treo, and that with CoLauncher, I can run any app I have on my device with just 2 button presses. CoLauncher works by assigning one of the four main buttons as a hot key. You press a hotkey, then a second button on the keyboard, and viola! Assigned app is running.

    CoLauncher takes a little bit of effort to learn/configure. But once you learn the app, you can very quickly assign apps to keyboard buttons. For example, hotkey-S runs Snappermail on my Treo; HK-D runs Cos-to-go, HK-i runs iSilo, etc.

    HK-W opens the "Web" app (ie, the internet via Blazer), HK-M opens the text 'M'essage app, etc.

    Find CoLauncer here:
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    PS - Hotkey-U opens pocket tUnes. I have a playlist that plays the Hallelujiah chorus.

    Thus, whenever something good happens, and my colleagues utter a lame "sweet!" or "excellent!", I instead hold up my Treo and offer a rousing rendition of "Hallelujiah!" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
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    I too use CoLauncher. It is the best thing out there for launching any of a number of things really quickly.
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    I also use CoLauncher with one complaint - the author states he will not add external card support until there are more people asking for it. I have asked twice. Also, I use Invisibile and using it with CoLauncher makes getting around the Treo a breeze. Ben

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