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    I miss my little doodles...

    I used it a lot to jot down #s.. or to make pornographic stick figures...

    BUGME - I am told isn't treo friendly... (no 5 way )

    are there any that are...?
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    Sketcher is free. Not bad. You can DL right through blazer from the Palm Mobile site I think... that's where I got it. Diddlebug ain't bad either.
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    zack! you're everywhere with polynote!
    it's that good, eh?
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    Somehow love this app! I mean assign this to a hard key, and when you have to take notes, press the hard key and start typing away. And best of all it supports Treo nav. AND if you prefer, you could also use your stylus and take a quicknote. You can also set alarms for your drawings or notes.

    (I'm not in anyway related to the author of this s/w!)

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