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    I finally got the Treo 600 and being a previous Sidekick user I'm having trouble adjusting to the new keypad. What's the secret to typing on the treo? What's the learning curve? Do you use a fingernail techinque? I'm confused on how I cannot use the keyboard with "girly hand" and I think this board is mostly filled with men. Hmmmm maybe the Treo 600 isn't for me. However I got my sync to work. This is a fun fun day.
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    I'm a 5' 10" guy with "normal" size hands and normal length fingernails (not nubs, but not long). I use the ends of the pads of my thumbs to type. No problems. Began typing very quickly (on a Treo 300) in a very short period of time. I'm actually typing on it right now. But I can't imagine having thumbnails that protrude more than a quarter inch or so and typing on this. I don't know how you'd do it. But I love my Treo so much, that if I was a woman, those thumbnails'd go DOWN! :-)
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    Yup, 6'1" with large problems using the thumb board. Very little learning curve involved.

    Funny story - I once showed my Treo 300 to a graffiti user. When he went to type some text, he actually pulled out the stylus and proceeded to poke at the keys with it!
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    6'9" with huge hands (compared with anyone except Shaq) and I use the ends of my thumbs. I get pretty proficient with it, except when I have been bowling and my right thumb gets sore!
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    Check out the thread on filing down the end of an SD card so it fits nicely in the T600. Then use a similar technique to adjust thumb size to fit the keyboard.
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    yep... large hands and I, too, had problems at first. I found that I do very well as long as I keep thumb nails trimmed.
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    Who needs a file? I have teeth...
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    I've been thinking for a long time that palmOne needs to come out with some pOne branded nail clippers, as a cool and unique giveaway. I know that I keep my nails trimmed way down, probably moreso than I had pre-600.

    And for girls - well, that might very well be a hard decision - short nails vs effective thumb typing.

    And I too saw a guy the other day pecking at his thumboard with the stylus. I was compelled to go and talk with him - he said he prefers that way, and it seemed that he was pretty decent at it. I kinda scratched my head and said 'ok dude, whatever'.
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    my nails grow like weeds but I keep them fairly trim (1/8th"). I generally use either the corner of a fingernail right where it meets the skin, or just a bit back from that point (which apparently is firm enough to press a key down). I've only had my t600 for a month now so I may be an exception. (on my old t90, I had no problem just using my thumbs!)

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    Treo 600 buttons rocks, just wish they were a bit softer so it doesn't get sore after a lot of typing. But I have a great WPM on it and pretty error free.
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    am using both of my thumbs to type, sometimes after typing sometimes, i can type without looking @ the thumboard.....
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    Hope a female with long fingernails answers this one.

    (ancient history - when Mossberg "reviewed" the first TREO he noted the difficulty of a woman with long fingernails using the keyboard...history repeats!)
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    Female with nails here. Have to keep my thumbnails short enough that the top of my thumb pad connects with the button without my thumbnail hitting the other keys above first. The longest my nails can go is about 3/8" above the end of my finger before the nails start causing me problems.
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    Very long nails here. I type with my nails on a regular keyboard, I type with my thumbnails on the Treo pad. As long as your nails are strong it works well. Every once in a while I type on the bottom row using the inside of my thumb knuckle too (pointing the thumb back as far as possible).
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    I have pretty large hands and I tend to use the fingernails of my thumbs. This is especailly true whwn trying to press the middle button of the 5-way. If I don't use the fingernail I press the whole 5-way and I never know what is going to really happen. This is why I have suggested flattening out the buttons or even making them very slightly convex. Doing so would really help the folks that use their fingernails.
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    I am a fingernail user and am quite fast at typing. BUT I have a Treo case with the plastic over the keys which really help your nails not to slide off the keys. Ocassionally I use the keyboard without the case and am slower but no less accurate (of course my accuracy thru any typing method on any machine isn't fantastic
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    Give it some time. When I moved from the more "spacious" Treo 270 to the 600 it felt very cramped at the beginning and I was having trouble. I now type on it with scary speed.

    I don't use finger nails, just the ends of my thumbs. I keep my right thumb nail just a little long for guitar playing (~ 1/16") and I have no problems.
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    I too have been known to poke at them with a stick (stylus)


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