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    hi, the ptunes dlx ver2.3 on my treo is making all the apps slow when I am hearing to music. It was not like this before. When I am invoking other apps its hanging for few secs....also I am pressing the lock button atleast 3 times to lock treo. Any insights will be appreciated. Thanks
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    You are decoding Mp3s while you try to do other things. Especially if you use high encoding rates, this is normal. It's not a PC.

    I have run tests with AeroPlayer, Real Player and pTunes to compare the effect:
    AeroPlayer and pTunes are pretty bad at hogging CPU and making your handheld sluggish
    Real Player while a little under-featured is the least CPU intensive and allows your Treo to be usable for other applications.
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    If you are using the Equalizer or the Sound boost it takes a bunch of extra CPU...
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    I sent emails to the company and developer previously (a month ago) about the slowness when in equalizer mode and they are aware of it. They are trying to find a better eq plugin if possible.

    I have not heard back from them on this in a while so don't get your hopes up.

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