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    I have been looking for a piece of software to turn off my phones display during a call. I downloaded the Phone Technician off of PalmGear and tested it out. I thought it was really cool, until I received my first call and used my headsets Answer/End button and the phone kept ringing even though it picked up and I could talk to my other party.

    That really pissed me off. It was a client of mine and my phone would not stop ringing. I had to turn the ringer to mute, then end the call and call him back.

    If I answer the call using the answer button on the phone, then it works fine. But I have a wrap around flip case, and that is not an option for me.

    Does anyone have a good application that will allow me to manually turn off the screen during a call by using the Screen Off button on the Treo, but still be able to use the Answer/End button on my headset?

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    Talk to confusedvorlon (he's the developer of phone technician) on this board, he might be able to fix the problem or guide you in the right direction. You can usually find him in the Utilities Section of this discussion board.
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    There is one on the net called Sandman that is totally manual. You run it and the screen goes off. It works during calls.
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    Looks like it's been fixed in Phone Technician 1.2:

    Another option is TreoGuard ( but not sure if it works with the answer/end on a headset.
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    I use TreoGuard and have had no problems with it. It does work with the standard headset. Ben

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