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    I have followed, and reviewed many clock related threads in this forum. There has been a plethra of GREAT information to draw on. As such, I don't have any great expectations that this thread will solve my troubles (unless a developer reads this and customs makes me an application )

    This is what I want in a clock program:
    • Configurable background color to make it useable as a bed side alarm. The default white backgrounds of most clocks are too bright (Bob's impliments this the best). Some others could have a skin made to accomplish this as well.
    • Full Screen Display (get ride of the title bar. Nothing but clock). Perhaps some of the screen save based clocks would fit this bill, but they generally lack strong alarm features.
    • Multiple Alarms (Bob's only has two. The rest have plenty)
    • Digital Display (all but Palmary)
    • User selected alarms (just about all of them have this)

    I think I have pretty much tried everything out there, and most of them meet SOME of these needs. These are the features that would make the "perfect" Desktop/bed side clock. Except for it's lack of a digital display, Palmary comes the closest. I also like Bob's, and commend its clean, trim approach. Mega Clock would be grand, but it has such a small digital display.

    Thanks for considering this. Perhaps it will generate some contructive exchange..... Again.
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    Bob's has multiple alarms if you register the product.
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    Palmary really works for my needs. I use 4/5 alarms everyday, including my last and final GET UP NOW alarm in the am. This was the 1st program I paid for. (not the last)

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